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At NSHA, we are committed to providing each one of our students with a quality Jewish and secular education. We are a modern Orthodox co-educational institution whose purpose is to harmonize the secular and the religious in ways that are compatible to both so that our students will be able to successfully and fully engage at the highest levels of the secular world while remaining loyal to our faith, with love for the Torah, the nation of Israel and recognizing the importance of Zionism, and the establishment of the State of Israel as an act of religious significance.

Our students have repeatedly scored at the highest levels in standardized testing over the last several years, not only compared to other Yeshiva day Schools but also compared to the highly esteemed Great Neck Public School System. In addition, in only a few short years our High School graduates are already being accepted into the finest colleges in the nation and into the top post high school programs in Israel.

As in most private schools and Yeshiva Day Schools, tuition payments although high, cannot cover the cost of a student's education. We, therefore, must rely on generous philanthropic support and hope that you will contribute generously to help us continue our mission of providing excellence in education to all our students. We rely not only on our parents and grandparents but also on our alumni, alumni parents and especially our community families who benefit by having this institution in its midst. By investing in NSHA, we are perpetuating the next leaders of our Jewish community who will be fully engaged in 'Torah Umadah' in the modern world.   Please help us therefore, to continue to provide the myriad of programs and services that make this school so special and of utmost importance now in this difficult economic environment, raise the scholarship funds necessary to help those families in need.


-helping us continue our 60 year tradition of excellence in education
-enrich our academic programs/curriculum
-advance our technology programs and hardware
-maintain and beautify our campus

-ANNUAL JOURNAL DINNER Tuesday, March 24, 2015
-ANNUAL GOLF & TENNIS OUTING Monday, July 13, 2015
-SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES (see journal list of opportunities to give w/explanation)
-SUPPORT A DAY OF LEARNING -Click here for more information



Cash Gifts- either by personal check, Visa/Master card, or electronic bank transfer either one time or over years

Gift of Securities-

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Life annuity -


NSHA Information

To donate to our school or discuss how NSHA can be a part of charitable gifting proposition, contact:

Arnie Flatow
Executive Director
516-487-8687 ext.133