Why is NSHA General Studies Program Superior?

NSHA has a Close Partnership with the Great Neck Public Schools

NSHA's academic program is held by the same standards as the Great Neck Public School System. The Great Neck Public School System is widely known to be one of the finest in NYS .

Concerning General Studies, the reading, writing and academic subject programs are the same as those offered from the Great Neck Public Schools. Our Principal of General Studies, Randolph Ross, was the former Great Neck South High School Principal.

NSHA has a very close partnership with the Great Neck Public School. We share in staff development, and acquisition of academic materials. The general education program at NSHA uses the same modern teaching techniques, books and even smart boards as the Public School. Unlike other Yeshiva programs, NSHA also maintains a dedicated Early Childhood Director and Learning Specialists to insure that children get individualized attention.

NSHA is One of the Few Yeshivot that Submits Itself to State Review

At NSHA we are proud of our academic program and as a result, we are one of the few Yeshivot that submit standardized test scores to the State of New York for review.

NSHA test scores are comparable with our closest Great Neck Public Schools. We far exceed many other schools on Long Island and in the State of New York.

Middle School Excellence

In Middle School, the average performance of our children improves even further. On average, our children are on par or superior in Secular Studies compared to State standards.

In addition to General Studies, our children have been learning Judaic studies extensively throughout their life including an intensive Evret b’ Evret curriculum. They are, on average, highly competent in Hebrew and very Zionistic. This is essential during their critical Bar/Bat Mitzvah years.

Memorable High School Experience

At NSHA, many of our children graduate to go to top tier Universities. Our high School is renowned for its Judaic as well as General Studies Education.

The NSHA High School facility speaks for itself. Our children are educated in one of the finest Jewish education facilities. Our building is brand new and rivals most top private day schools in the nation.

Our Educational Staff, led by Headmaster Dr. Daniel Vitow, is experienced, superior and dedicated to excellence.

Our goal is simple. We want to be the best. Our children, our parents, our board, our staff and our benefactors are committed to this goal.