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NSHA Judaic Studies

    At the North Shore Hebrew Academy, we want our students to live according to Torah values. We imbue in them a love of Torat Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael, and Medinat Yisrael.

    Our classes are conducted Ivrit be-Ivrit. Support is offered to those students who have not yet reached grade-level fluency. We want our students to be able to navigate texts both Biblical and Rabbinic with agility and ease. Our early grades study Hebrew language using the now-famous Tal Am curriculum (see http://www.talam.org/about.html for more information). Our older students learn from a curriculum that we have refined and developed over a number of years.

    Our day begins with tefila, which is not merely recited by rote but is taught to our students so they internalize the meanings and messages of the tefilot. Students receive their first Siddur in first grade, much to their delight and that of their families.

    Students begin learning Chumash intensively in second grade, Navi in fourth grade, Mishnah in fifth grade, and Gemara in seventh grade. All our classes are co-ed, as we believe in equal educational opportunities for boys and girls. Students learn using a variety of modes, ranging from traditional learning to chavruta-style study to cloud-based interpretation software.

    Our extensive tzedakah, chesed and community outreach programming helps our students develop their midot and innate sensitivity to the less fortunate and differently abled.

    Guest presenters include Israeli dignitaries, local Rabbis and scholars, and educators from around the NY area and around the globe who offer special hands-on programs and insight into Jewish history, culture and a love of Hashem.

    Our graduates go on to the North Shore Hebrew Academy High School, to top Israeli Yeshivot and Seminaries, and to the best colleges and universities. We seek to develop fully integrated members of society who will help build the world while treasuring and upholding our mitzvot and traditions.

    Each year NSHA embraces a yearly theme which drives our programming and curriculum. Themes have included: ואהבת לרעך כמוך (Love Your Neighbor Like Yourself);” נפש בריאה בגוף בריא (A Healthy Soul in a Healthy Body); לא המדרש העיקר – אלא המעשה (Actions Speak Louder Than Words); and טובים השניים מן האחד (Two are Better than One).