North Shore Hebrew Academy



Dear Parents,

We are happy to announce our brand new Friday after school programs for the winter season. This season will take place from December 14 th – March 15 th for a total of 12 sessions. Each program is an hour and fifteen minutes long. All students must be picked up at 2:30 since busing is not available at that time. These new activities are unique, and unlike anything we have ever offered. Some programs are only available to certain grades based on the skill level needed for that activity. If there are numerous grades participating in an activity, groups will be created based on their grade. Descriptions of each activity are listed below. If you would like to sign up, please fill out the registration form on the reverse side of this sheet, and send it in to NSHA care of Coach Eric.

TGA Golf: An amazing golf program for beginners to advanced students alike.Our gymnasium will be transformed into an actual golf course with putting greens, chipping areas, and a driving range as well. TGA is an amazing organization with the best golf teachers around. Students will have their very own golf handbook with achievements and badges to collect. Students will learn all of the rules and proper etiquette of the game, while using actual golf clubs with specialized safe golf balls. A tournament will be created at a golf course in the spring to celebrate the conclusion of our program!

Amazin’ Magic: Students will be taught by Mr. Illusion, a magic teacher with over 25 years experience. Our magicians will learn all different magic skills including: sleight of hand, illusions, misdirection, showmanship, and “selling” the trick. All students will receive a magic kit filled with everything they will need to be a proper magician. A magic show will take place at the end of our sessions!

Bust-A-Move: Get ready to move and sweat. Our dance program is taught by Mrs. Dror, and is a great way to stay fit and have fun. Students will learn many styles of dance. There will be a dance show at the end of our sessions to show off the students new skills!

Abrakadoodle : The popular award-winning art and creativity program was voted “Best art class to bring out your child’s inner Picasso.” The imaginative art education curriculum was developed by artists and educators and exceeds the National Standards for Visual Arts Education. In our art class, students will paint, draw, sculpt, design, imagine, sketch and explore using a wide variety of artist materials and techniques, all in an atmosphere of fun!

Yoga: Yoga has been practiced for more than 5,000 years, and currently, close to 11 million Americans are enjoying its health benefits. Our yoga program is taught by Mrs. Shlomo, and is a wonderful way for your child to build endurance, strength, balance, flexibility, and muscle!

Mad Science: Students will get to see soda explode, make huge amounts of snow, create their own slime, and make items grow 500 times its original size! All items are non-toxic, safe, and do not stain! Protective gear will be supplied to all students. A great way to have fun and learn science!

Pro Percussion: Students will learn how to play numerous percussion instruments by a professional percussion teacher with over 20 years experience. Practice pads and sticks will be supplied. Students will learn proper rudiments and stick technique, while using percussion instruments like: snare, bass, cymbals, toms, etc. This will be NSHA’s first “Drum Core”!

Storybook & Puppetry: Voted most unique new creation for young children by LIMM, S & P isa wonderful program to enhance your child’s imaginative and creative side. Students will be read a classic story, and then create the characters inthat story into puppets. The students will then reenact the story using the puppets they created. A wonderful program to generate an excitement for reading because, they become part of the classic tale!